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1.1 billion people without Official Identity; 1.7 billion
without access to financial services. More than 4 billion
people, more than half of the world population, affected
by the lack of financial services that are necessary for the development. 70% of SMEs have a bank account, but only 5% have access to term loans and only 1% to current loans from banks.


A complete and evolving banking and financial ecosystem based on Blockchain, “Mobile Financial Solutions” and other Technologies. An alternative to the traditional banking and financial system.

"Banking as a right for everyone, everywhere"

Meeting Points of Services & Cash Points

MEETING POINTS OF SERVICES (MPS) are people who after having received basic training from INCLUSIVITY become ambassadors, in charge of selecting, teaching and helping the Cash Points to offer their community the best quality services.

CASH POINTS are merchants, small shops, micro-businesses, cafes, SMEs, that operate with cash.
Through the INCLUSIVITY App they will be able to offer INCLUSIVITY’s services, use and accept our system methods, become “money providers” and a place where users can cash in & cash out, send and receive international remittances at a very low cost and perform all kinds of financial operations.


New financial instruments and the creation self-regulated financial communities without the need of banks or intermediaries.
From an evolving Crowdfunding to the creation of a DAO or even a cryptocurrency. A shared economy where we all are actors, not only P2P, but Sc2Sc (Society to Society).
Absolute freedom provided as long as the Inclusive Businesses philosophy is respected and the rights of the most vulnerable are safeguarded.

People Token

PEOPLE TOKEN (ERC 20), based on the effort and reward of its users and not on competition. A token that combines the interests of users, customers and tokens buyers. A token that will grow in value as a result of the contagion, the spirit and the work of millions of people in INCLUSIVITY.

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