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Meeting Points

A Network of Commercial Agents, called Meeting Points, individuals with a reputation, who know the customers, will represent and offer the services of local and international companies of the platform to their communities, thanks to their phone and the INCLUSIVITY APP.

OffChain System

Thanks to our, patent pending, OffChain System technology, companies will be able to get to places where there are people who need services and operate without telephone coverage.

InChain System

For companies, there will no longer be any barriers, not even technological ones, INCLUSIVITY has developed INCHAIN, a "bridge" that allows all companies to maintain their software and / or systems and enjoy the advantages of the blockchain without investments or adaptations.

People Token

PEOPLE TOKEN, An eco-friendly token, ERC 20, based on the effort and reward of its users and not on competition. A token that combines the interests of users, customers and tokens buyers. A token that will grow in value as a result of the contagion, the spirit and the work of millions of people in INCLUSIVITY, the collective spirit of the network will make everyone work for the appreciation and equilibrium of the token.
Periodically inclusivity will publish the platform's value to support the valuation of PEOPLE TOKEN, based on a real economy.